Sunday, February 27, 2011

My first prezi!

When it comes to emerging technology, I usually feel like I am late to the party. I just got a twitter account, I've just started to really embrace cloud computing and I don't have a smart phone yet. However, I have finally been converted to Prezi. I've seen it used for conference and class presentations, and the seamless navigation puts power point to shame.

Working on a group assignment, we were given the task of leading a class discussion focusing on how libraries can contribute to improving student experiences. My classmate Kirsten (check out her amazing food food blog) and I came up with a tight little presentation. Check it out:

We certainly didn't take full advantage of Prezi's potential. Because we were leading a discussion, we did not want to overwhelm our audience with information. We just wanted to highlight the relationship between enrollment, experience and retention. We are certainly happy with what we came up with.

This was a great assignment. It helped me think about how academic libraries can really contribute to their institution's wider community. Through collaboration, everyone benefits.

This assignment was based on Dr. Megan Oakleaf's ACRL report "The value of academic libraries," which is worth checking out if you are at all interested in academic librarianship, library marketing or communicating the value of your library to your community.


  1. Just found your blog last night at #libchat. I hadn't thought about using Prezi that way before. I'm always looking for new ideas. I presented at the Library Technology Conference about how to use Prezi to it's fullest. I posted that prezi on my website if you're interested.

  2. Thanks, Becky, for sharing! I am now hooked on Prezi and can't wait for another opportunity to use it - I still have lot's to learn. Your Prezi was great! I just bookmarked it so I can consult it next time I have to put one together.

    Thanks for checking out Dewey's Not Dead and I hope to see you at the next libchat!