Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tattooed Librarians, on the radio...

As I mentioned last month, it has been awesome seeing where the Tattooed Librarians of the Pacific Northwest Calendar has been popping up. Seeing it on a librarian's blog from the Netherlands was exciting, but today's discovery blew that out of the water:

Ziba Z, a distance-learning library student with University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, stumbled across our calendar on the internet, she tracked down the cover girl, Amber, and finagled aninterview with her....

...and it's awesome.

They talk about Amber's journey into librarianship, the intersection of social justice and public libraries, Seattle, music, Amber's alternative identity as DJ Dewey Decimal and (of course) Tattoos.

Be sure to check out the other radio shows on Ziba's awesome blog.

And Ziba, if you're out there, the world would love to see a Tattooed Librarians of California Calendar (and I think a zebra tattoo would be rad, too) !!


  1. hee hee aw thanks so much for the write up! I for sure will get a zebra tattoo then =) -ziba

  2. My pleasure! Just shared the interview with a few more of my classmates and they all loved it! It sounds like you are taking some interesting classes - especially the one on library space! Have you read anything by Karen Diller? She's a librarian up here who has done some really interesting studies on library space.