Monday, February 13, 2012

InfoCampPDX Recap

AJLouie's sketch of Jason Sack's keynote.
InfoCamp was a success. And its success was completely due to our participants.

It has been said before that unconferences are perfect examples of the "if you build it, they will come" phenomena. Last weekend proved this for me. I am not going to lie - I was a bit nervous going into it. Building an unconference involves a giant leap of faith. You get your ducks in a row: order coffee, slice up bagels, rent a space, market the heck out of your event. But the day is only successful if folks show up and fill you break out sessions with interesting topics that create conversation and collaboration. And that is exactly what happened at InfoCampPDX.

Here is a list of the presentations that were offered throughout the day:

  • Modeling - Tips & War Stories: A Discussion  
  • Passionate Research: How do you find info when you’re on an obsession?
  •  Information visualization, what is it good for? Much more than absolutely nothing.”
  • Instrument Resonance: Finding the Bach in city noise” or “Creating meaning out of chaos with semantic model resonance filtering"
  • You should talk to your doctor. And so should your phone. Information in a healthcare context.
  • The confluence of: Information literacy, Information Retrieval & Information Architecture
  • You don’t pay attention to what you’re NOT looking for. User expectations & the world of information
  • Taxonomy Madness 
  • Wiki at 16: Wikimedia Strategic Planning 
  • A work session for library people interested in supporting a student and new professionals round table in OLA 
  • Get Sketching: DIY Information Visualization Design 
  • Designing Awe: The science of surprise and delight 
  • Information Analytics: What is the role of measurement technology for encouraging accuracy of returned results? 
  • How to Throw an InfoCamp

If anyone is interested in helping plan next year's InfoCamp - and we already have some momentum built up after Saturday's success - send the organizing committee an email:

Again, thank you to the fellow organizers, the sponsors, the volunteers, and especially the participants for making Portland's first InfoCamp an excellent day!

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