Tuesday, March 8, 2011

If all training materials were this amazing...

...every single library shelve in America would be PERFECT.

Well, maybe not perfect...

I love the PNCA library. I volunteered there at the start of library school, a few of my classmates work there and I even shared a house with one of their staff members. Not to mention that it's simply an amazing library. It has a great collection and, as evident in these videos, a dedicated staff.

I think these videos are also great examples of how small libraries can utilize technology to create great in-house material cheaply.

While I don't know the full details on how they were produced, I do know that a volunteer (fellow ESU SLIM classmate Helen Harris) put them together using her flip camera. And there are plenty of cheap and even free video editing programs out there, such as You Tube Video Editor. Some schools and institutions might have expensive software and equipment, but when you employee old fashioned creativity, you don't need the fancy stuff. A little spit and elbow grease and you're good to go!

UPDATE (3/9/11)

Just heard from Helen, who offered the following insights into the creation of these videos:

First, she got familiar with shelving and using LC Call numbers

Next, she write the script for the movie based on her experience and input of the staff

Third, she filmed it with the staff and edit it and then recorded the voice over/narration with one of the student workers
Finally, she posted it on the library's private YouTube account!

This was also one of her first volunteer projects in a library, and if she is producing fun and creative work like this, than I think Helen is going to make on fantastic librarian! Thanks for the additional insights, Helen!!

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