Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random theory...

Photo credit: accessed through creative commons from the State Library of Queensland.

Today as I logged into my work computer, I got that pesky message reminding me that my password was about to expire and asking if I wanted to change my email. I did, and am now in that annoying time period of a week or so where I enter my old password (out of habit) and then scramble to remember what I made my new password. Which leads me to my theory:

Remember back in the days before cell phones, when a lot of memory space was devoted to random phone numbers?

As we store contact information in our phones, I'm convinced that the specific brain function once used for phone numbers is now consumed by remembering all of the various passwords we need to access personal email, work email, school email, social networking, online banking profiles, online shopping profiles, etc. etc. etc.

Not that there would be much point in proving this theory (I would imagine that brain scans and inferential statistical analysis would be needed) - it's just interesting to think about how our minds need to adapt as technology evolves, and how the future of online informational security might look like...

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