Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A few tidbits that piqued my interest...

School's getting intense, so I don't have time for a long post. But here are some interesting tidbits that I've stumbled across and would like to share with you:

One. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I believe that there are some amazing opportunities for activism within the occupation of librarian. Here is a perfect example:

The library at University of Southern Florida have created a Gulf Oil Spill Information Center.

After spending just a few minutes navigating the site, I'm pretty impressed with the resources they have gathered into one space. Having gotten my undergrad degree in Environmental Sociology, I find this website not only vital, but inspiring as well. It gets to the route of what librarians do - putting essential information into the hands of individuals.

Two. Apparently, Prince seems to thinks "The Internet is completely over." Oh, Prince...

While I could agree with his sentiment that forms of mass communication ebb and flow in popularity, I would disagree with his comparison of MTV to the internet. True, MTV no longer shows music videos (at least last I checked), but MTV is a smaller element of the larger concept of television. MTV is to television broadcasting as iTunes is to Internet Broadcasting. I could see iTunes losing popularity (not any time soon) but I have the feeling that the internet is here to stay.

Three. And in an interesting twist in the current library-funding saga, the city council of Wheaton, Ill. has come up with an interesting tactic to ensure libraries remain open: by passing a city ordinance. The ordinance would require that libraries remain open for at least four hours a day, six days a week during summer and seven days a week during the school year.

I imagine, if the city council is able to pass the ordinance, that if more cities followed this example, citizens across the country would be able to send a loud message to people in power just how important libraries are. Something to think about, anyways...


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