Tuesday, June 8, 2010

back in school. sigh.

The rain is starting to let up. The farmer's markets are in full swing. It's warm late into the night. You know what that means? Yep - I'm up to my neck in homework!!

This is my first time ever taking classes during the summer (sometimes I'm amazed I never had to go to summer school in my younger years), and I think it's a going to be a love/hate relationship:

A. It does mean that I will graduate early. Attending summer term allows me to graduate in two years rather than three.

B. The small voice of reason and logic (which I try to ignore at all costs) tells me that summer vacation is for undergraduates, k-12 students and the poor fools who sold their souls and are working in public education. Most likely, from this point out I will always be working through the summer. Unless I get a pimp job as an tenured academic librarian and can take summer sabbaticals.

But.....It also means I'm forced to study and concentrate when the Pacific Northwest is in it's most glorious...

I guess I should just put my nose to the grindstone, whining about it certainly isn't going to make it any easier.

In terms of my blog, I'm still going to try and maintain weekly posts, but they're probably going to much briefer than usual, more along the lines of posting interesting tidbits I find through my internet dalliances. Don't worry - I'll still try to add my unsolicited opinions....

In that vein, here are two great morsels that I recently stumbled upon:

When I started this blog I had a post (Things are changing...) about Cushing Academy's library renovation - and the fact they discarded all of their books. I followed up with another post about how I thought that this was a dangerous move in Portrait of a book as a library item. Here is an update in the Cushing Academy saga: Headmaster says eliminating books in library is working fine. Of course he's going to say that. What else would he say? "Oops, my bad. Looks like we need to buy back all those books we just tossed." I hope Cushing Academy's Library still has an Inter Library Loan at the very least...

In a similar, yet radically different, vein here's another story about book-less libraries: InfoLadies of Bangladesh revolutionize rural life. It highlights the amazing power information holds and how access to information can be such a fundamental, yet essential, tool to increasing quality of life.

I hope you hang in there keep reading Dewey's Not Dead, and enjoy some summer for me!

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  1. You're involved in studies that include information in the title. The Cushing Academy headmaster is stating that the area formerly a library of books and now mostly a library of information services is much-more used and better than ever. He even says the "best" universities are making this same change! You also made the distinction in an earlier 'blog between two libraries making digital changes. I guess I'm seeing the growing gap of what we consider important, in our lives, to our careers. If I decide to teach Math or Science, I serve a high needs field; if I teach English, well, I serve something I consider important. He opens an online article to figure out where to invest in the pharm field; I open a book of fiction and get to go away for awhile. You have chosen an amazing, ever-changing field. You should write a book about it! (Start out with a 'blog to get your feet wet).