Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This dude's crazy.....

....but he might be on to something

An article just arrived in my in box, and the first line really caught my eye "Bill Mayer imagines a library without librarians."

Wha? Really? No.....Seriously....?

...and then I read the article. It seems that Mayer (the university librarian at American University) actually has some radical, and maybe even good, ideas.

He doesn't want to get rid of librarians, he just wants them out of the library and in the community. He also wants to incorporate various community collections (In the case of AU, collections that various student groups and campus departments have already built up) and pull them together with the library's collection. As I go through library school, I am amazed at how often that word pops

It seems that libraries have gone through an evolution where the original focus was on the information itself, and then the focus was on the systems of retrieving information, and then the focus was on serving the patron. I think its time to stop thinking about serving individual patrons, but looking at a community, as a whole, as the patron. I also think that we need to stop thinking about bringing the patron to the information, but bringing the information to the patron.

How do we do this? I have no idea. That's what I'm going into debt for.

Anyways, it's a great article, I highly recommend you check it out.

And I'm curious about this Bill Mayer character, he seems like someone to keep an eye on...

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