Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A post for my fellow Oregonians...

Bare with me, as I indulge in another political rant....

Hopefully the readers of this blog who live in Oregon realize that a special election is right around the corner. We have an opportunity to vote on two measures, 66 and 67, that will effectively change the state's tax structure. Without going into too much detail, and on the verge of way oversimplifying things, it will essentially mean that those over a very high income level will pay more than those under it, as well as some changes to corporate tax structure.

For more information, and a better explanation of the measures, check out the League of Women Voters and the Oregon Center for Public Policy.

On that note, I think I'll step up to the soap box and encourage you all to vote yes on these measures. From what I have gathered, it seems that only 3% of Oregonians are going to see an increase on their personal income taxes, and if you are a business owner, unless you declare tens of millions of dollars in profits (or more) there will not be much of a change either (about $150 dollars more a year).

However, there will be some major benefits from these minor changes. Namely, many public services that have seen drastic budget cuts (such as public education and public health care) will see more funding flow their way....including libraries!!

Basically, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be directed to the Ready to Read Program (which has helped tens of thousands of Oregon children access books since the program started in 1993), the summer reading program, and the State Library (which, among many other things, currently circulates the state's Braille collection).

One example of the importance of these measures: without the potential funding, the Ready to Read program could be outright cut. It'd be like taking books away from children....That would suck.

No one likes ignorant children.

Measure 66 and 67 are essential for supporting important public services as we weather this recession. So please, if you're an Oregon voter, vote yes. If you haven't registered to vote yet, click here and register, and again - VOTE YES ON MEASURE 66 AND 67 ON JANUARY 26th!!

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