Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back, Looking forward

Here we go, new decade, fresh start.

I'm sitting at the circulation desk on New Year's Eve, and it goes without saying, things are pretty slow...

I'm clicking through some of my favorite links to stave off the boredom, and everywhere I turn I'm faced with "best of" lists and "decade in review" pages, and I feel like I should also take a moment and reflect.

In the past 10 years I've graduated high school, completed college and started my masters. I've traveled to Kenya, left my hometown and moved to the opposite side on the country. I've participated in the weddings for both of my siblings and I've helped a few of my friends and loved ones welcome little bitty babies into the world. I've gotten tattooed, pierced and grown one of the greatest beards of all time. I've done a lot, traveled a lot, and seen a lot. As I come to the end of my third decade, I realize that it's been an amazing and crazy ten years, but I'm really looking forward to the next ten. I feel like I am finally on a path of turning my avocations into an occupation.

I'm at a point in my life where I'm anticipating the future, both my personal future and our shared future. I'm excited to finish my degree and find a position in a library where my skills and talents will be utilized. I'm excited to see where in the world I will end up. I'm excited about being a participant in the continuing evolution of information dissemination. And I'm looking forward, in general, to joining and participating in the larger community of librarians and information professionals. The people I have met in the past year, through school, work and general library exploration have been some of the most fascinating, caring and genuine people I have ever met.

If I was asked what I imagine 2010 to be like when I was a child, I would probably describe a scene out of the film "Back To The Future II" flying cars, self adjusting clothing, holographic entertainment, the whole bit. We may not be there yet - but there certainly is a lot going on these days: iPods, iPhones and maybe even an iSlate. We've lost classifieds in the newspapers (thanks to craigslist), Encyclopedia Britannica (thanks wikipedia) and dial up Internet (actually glad to see that gone). With Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs we live in an era of instantaneous global communication. Banking & personal finances, education & entertainment, and news & current events are all conducted through our computers (and even our cell phones...). We no longer search for information. Information now searches for us. It's a grand time to be alive with all these new toys and technologies - and it seems like things are going to develop and change faster and faster. For example: will we see a day when a contact lens that transmit computer data and images directly into you eye? It might be sooner than we realize...

If you're reading this, I wish you well as we come into 2010. I hope you also have a chance to reflect and to look forward. I hope you have a chance to celebrate with people you care about. And I hope that you, too, are excited about the possibilities and challenges that await us.


  1. I was reading this and thinking I'd just post the word "heart," but someone is ahead of me! Lots of love, Turnstyle, and gratitude for your oversized love organ. (No, not that one, you perv.) I can't wait to see you in February.