Saturday, August 15, 2009

What do you want to be when you grow up?

My goodness, what a scary question, leading to so much overwhelming pressure. A quarter century after the cord was cut and I’m just barley starting to figure out the answer to this question. When I was a kid it ranged from lobsterman to photographer to psychologist. Even in college, like most normal folks, I switched majors as often as I could until something finally felt like a fit. And even then, I majored in what I thought was fun to study, nothing I thought would actually take me anywhere in life. Then I graduated without the slightest clue as to what to do next. I figured I’d first learn how to stand on my own two feet and then worry about a career later (or at least for the economy to clean itself up).

Maybe this is why library school is going to be such a perfect fit for me – there are so many different things that I can do with this degree. And in the process of my studies, there is this wonderful, welcoming and eccentric community to help guide me along the way.

I haven’t even started my studies and I have already met a cast of characters who all contribute to the information industry in so many different ways. And they all seem so excited for me and so eager to offer advice and help. Even librarians I haven’t met, but have discovered their various blogs in my internet meanderings, have offered me great inspiration through their ramblings and tirades on the multitude of issues that they’re impassioned about. For lack of a better word, they all seem really neat, and I look forward to joining their ranks.

The financial aid has gone through, the text books have arrived, let’s get this game going…

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