Monday, August 10, 2009

In the beginning, there was blog...

The idea for this blog came about when I was home for my brother's wedding. It was the first large family gathering since I had been accepted to library school, and although I was excited to have a piece of exciting news (proving to my family that I'm actually doing something with my life) I was not expecting so many questions...

What’s the future of publishing?

What do you think of eReaders?

What's twitter?

Who do these kids think they are, using wikipedia as an academic references on their papers!?!

Whoa. Talking to my family, who are all amazing, curious and inquisitive folks, only reinforced the crazy changes libraries (and information management) are going through and the fact that I did not have all the answers. So, in the spirit of reciprocity that helped form modern day libraries, I started this blog to chronicle my journey as a library student. I’ll post important lessons, little anecdotes and whatever else might pop up along the way.

I figure that by publishing my ideas, discoveries, criticisms, insecurities on the vast ocean of the Internet, I will have have more opportunities to synthesize what I learn along the way, making my self a much better librarian. Let me know what you think, help me figure out what it all means, and most importantly, please enjoy…

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