Monday, August 17, 2009

And the adventure begins....

So I had my first academic induced panic attack. Thankfully, it was pretty minor.

I hop on my school email account and notice a welcoming email from one my professors, announcing to the cohort that the course is available on blackboard, our online classroom.

In my excitement I log in, read the professors introduction to the course and attempt to open the syllabus.

Emphasis on attempt...

I try and open it in Word, and all I get is gibberish. Not normal gibberish but weird computer code analog gibberish.


I try and open it in various other programs (Works, Adobe, Explorer). No dice. Then I notice a message saying that it's either corrupted or not opening in its original format.


So then I figure it might just be the document, so then I try and open every other document posted on blackboard. Same thing. Weird Code. Damn.

I feel that I should interrupt my story and explain, if you haven't guessed it yet, that I'm a bit of a Luddite. I'm amazed I was able to graduated college after the turn on the 21st century, and even more amazed that I kept a blog going for over a week without imploding my computer. This makes entering a career in library science both exciting and absolutely terrifying.

Back to the story. I am now sweating bullets. As I write this, 24 hours later, I realize this was simply the-start-of-school-anxiety manifesting itself. But at the time I was kind of wondering if the ability to download a simple document from a website was a psychotic test to see if I would make it as a librarian. So, in my panic, I email the professor, apologizing profusely for inconveniencing her, explaining the situation, but wondering if she could email me a copy of the syllabus. I also email the school's IT department, admitting to my technological shortcomings and beseeching them for any advice they could bestow upon me. Then I crawl into bed, feeling a bit embarrassed, and dream about showing up on the first day of class naked. (j/k. that would be too cliche.)

I come home after a long day at the bookstore, having annoyed all of my coworkers by trying to wring as much advice out of them as possible , to see that not only had the IT folks emailed me back, but so did my professor AND the teaching assistant. And they were all very sweet. And very helpful. And had the exact same advice. I needed to make my version of Windows compatible with Windows 2007. It took twenty minuets. I feel kind of foolish, and no less embarrassed.

If you listen really really carefully you might be able to hear me smacking my palm against my forehead...

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